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Bicycle Service Levels

Think Green Bicycles come in all shapes and sizes, designed with all sorts of uses in mind. They all have one thing in common, however, and that is lots of parts that need to be properly adjusted and periodically serviced if long life is expected of them.

Probably 90% of the worlds's bicycles are assembled carelessly and incompletely, according to the standards here at Perpetual Motion Bicycles, Inc. In the US 85% of bikes sold are sold at bigbox mass market outlets. These outlets do not have the time or resources to do the job right and at the same time keep their prices low. Compound this with innacurate assembly at the factory (overtight bearings) and you have products that are destined to fail even faster than they are designed to fail. (note 'designed to fail' as compared to 'designed to last', as are bike shop quality bikes).

Despite their best efforts, large bike shops in metropolitan areas dont have the ability to effectively monitor all assemblies just because of volume. We know from having them that inexperienced mechanics make a lot of mistakes and are inclined to skip steps they dont deem important, in the spirit of saving time (aka getting in a hurry).

The care and attention that a bicycle gets during its initial assembly and first tune-up do more to enhance the rideability and durability of the bike than anything else in the life of the bike. From properly tensioned spokes to correctly adjusted and lubricated bearings, the correct measures taken in the beginning not only influence the mechanics of the bike but its very character.

At Perpetual Motion Bicycles, Inc. every bike we touch leaves with an improved character. Even a single adjustment properly done can put a smile on a rider's face - the bike's character shines through when we do our job right. A complete professional tuneup, a complete overhaul, or obviously a restoration can completely change a bike's character. The importance of the experience of a good bicycle mechanic cannot be overstated.

We recognize four primary levels of service in bicycle care, beyond the ala carte adjustments that can be made. These levels are tuneup, assembly, overhaul, and restoration. A restoration is really an overhaul plus a paint job which extends the service time and increases the cost significantly.

At Perpetual Motion Bicycles, Inc. we perform a lot of tuneups and overhauls on bikes we sold and on bikes we didn't sell. It is much easier to do a tune up on a bike we sold than one we didnt sell because we made adjustments during assembly on the bike we sold that do not have to be repeated. The bike we didnt sell, however, usually needs many more adjustments. This comparison can be verified on a daily basis in just casual observations while we work.

Proper assembly is value built in. If things last longer or work better or feel better because someone took a moment to make a little change they knew would make a difference, the bike is better for it. Bike set up is a learned skill, too. Experienced cyclists will only take their bikes to the mechanic they trust, and they will confirm that not all bike mechanics are created equal.

BEWARE the company that sells you the 'preassembled' bike that pops out of the box and jumps together after you wave the 2 included tools over it. It aint gonna happen! We use as many as 20 different tools, some of them specialty tools, on every assembly, even the ones that say right on the box we can do it with a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench.

Know too that cheap bikes with cheap parts are harder to adjust to perform as expected and dont stay adjusted as long as better bikes; so the tune up we do on a $79 bigbox bike is more difficult for us, and more time consuming than a tune up on a $3000 racing machine. We charge the same for both and treat each with the same level of care and respect.

So lets work our way up the scale, from tuneup to restoration, and see what tasks are added along the way.

A TUNEUP ($85) includes
1. Verifying correct adjustment of the four main bearings on the bike (2 hubs, one headset, and one bottom bracket, and adjusting as necessary - the wheels come off the frame for this.
2. Truing both wheels (tires on) to correct for wobble, enabling a closer brake adjustment.
3. Verifying adjustments of gears and brakes and making corrections as necessary.
4. Check all fasteners for tightness (and torque spec if applicable), position handlebars, seat (if necessary), and controls for optimum utility, air the tires and lube the chain.
5. Shop supplies necessary to perform the service.
6. Bleeding hydraulic brakes if necessary.
7. Cleaning the frame and wheels the best we can without disassembly.
8. A tuneup does not include any new parts the bike may need or the service charges to install those parts (such as tires, tubes, brake pads, cables and housings).

An ASSEMBLY ($100) includes everything in a tune up PLUS
1. Unpacking and disposal of packing materials.
2. Installing handlebars, cables, pedals, seatposts, saddles, and reflectors (by law).
3. Lubing seatpost and stem.
4. Installing any other accessories or parts that happen to come in the box, like training wheels, pads, lights, etc.

An OVERHAUL ($185) includes everything in a tune up PLUS
1. Disassembly or removal of all bearings, cleaning them, repacking them with fresh bicycle specific grease, reinstalling.
2. Tires rotated front to back and back to front and wheel trues performed with tires off (more accurate than tires on).
3. All new control cables and housings, ferrules, tips included in the price.
4. No additional service charge to install other new parts or accessories such as tire, tubes, bearings, brake pads, or bar tape.
5. All components (except pedals) cleaned in parts washer with citrus degreaser, then hot water rinse and dried with compressed air before reassembly with proper lubricants.
6. All corroded or rusty parts such as rims, spokes, cranks, seatposts, stems, etc are cleaned to the best of our ability with steel wool or other materials.
7. Spot rust treatment on frame or components may be performed.
8. Some components, such as handlebars may get paint.
9. Disassembly and service of suspension forks costs an additional $60 plus parts.

A RESTORATION (quoted on individual basis) includes eveything in a tuneup and an overhaul PLUS
1. Removal of paint and rust from frame and components.
2. Treatment to halt rust and prevent it returning.
3. Filling, preparing, priming and painting of frame and fork.
4. Locating and procuring decals or stickers as necessary in order to restore the originality of the bike or to create a custom appearance.
5. Locating and procuring period components to replace any original that may be unusable.
6. Includes wheelbuilds if necessary, but not the spokes.