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Our Take on Bike Fit

Think Green Many cyclists are particular about bike fit, as well they should be. Any long time cyclist will confirm that fit is the most important aspect of matching a rider to the proper equipment.

Short of having a custom frame built, most riders are confronted with a choice of one of several size offerings in most road and mountain bike frames. Narrowing the range to two sizes should be fairly easily accomplished by most bicycle salespersons with reasonable experience.

Fitting the bike closer to an individual's requirements takes a little more trained eye. Much time and money has been spent developing 'formulas' and 'systems' that purport to be able to provide precise custom bike fit. The result is a lot of people on bikes we think are too large for them, and riders who cannot get comfortable in their 'prescribed' positions.

Perpetual Motion Bicycles, Inc. subscribes to the theory that all riders are different, and even though occasionally two of them will measure out the same (same sleeve length, same inseam, same height, etc.) those two riders will not have the same flexibility, the same level of athleticism or fitness. They have different levels of experience, and different injury histories.

Hence we believe that formulas and standards do not significantly enhance the fitting process. Kits that measure a rider and spit setup measurements from a computer bypass the human element.

Our belief is that best fit is accomplished by first putting the rider on the closest fitting bike, based on a trained eye and the experience of having sold thousands of bicycles, making any obvious component changes and adjustments, and then sending the rider home with the bike. After several rides the rider will be able to provide feedback that will allow for subsequent adjustments in the equipment and rider position. Until they become more familiar with and accustomed to the new bike, they are unable to provide constructive feedback. Repeating the process further refines the fit.

At Perpetual Motion Bicycles, Inc. we won't ever charge extra for fitting a bike we sell. Riders on bikes from us have this added value included with their bike. As long as they bring us the feedback, we'll help any way we can.

Custom fitting sessions are available by appointment.