Perpetual Motion Bicycles, Inc.

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Perpetual Motion Bicycles, Inc., 1002 Maple Street, Carrollton GA 30117
10am-6pm Tue-Sat     770-834-3278

Perpetual Motion's E-Lists

Perpetual Motion maintains two email list servs for our customers. One is our Cycling News list which we use to keep our customers and interested parties abreast of cycling advocacy issues, events, and in-store promotions.

Our second list is Group Rides and is for riders interested in day to day information relative to our regularly scheduled group rides. Weather, time, and difficulty levels of the rides are some of the information that may be found in emails on this list, and we want riders to use it to find riding partners for non scheduled rides. Riders can post original messages to the riders list.

Note that both lists are moderated and messages will be approved before posting. The Cycling News list will only allow messages to its members to come directly from us/Perpetual Motion Bicycles, Inc., while the Riders list will allow subscribers to post messages that are ride related to encourage networking and finding ride partners. An example of this might be ''Heading out to Clinton Nature Preserve to ride at 2 on Sunday. Anyone want to join me?''

The way the list is designed to work, interested persons send a BLANK email (no body/no subject line) to the proper address. When everything has gone through, they will receive a confirmation email verifying that the process was done correctly and has been completed.

You will have to type the appropriate address into your email program - they are represented below as images in order to prevent harvesting by internet spider programs.